Sunday, May 17, 2009

Myrtle Beach Report

As previously noted, the wife and I attended the Myrtle Beach SC spring rally earlier in the week. I thought I'd post my observations for all who are interested.

First off, I saw more tickets being written to drivers of automobiles than riders of motorcycles and the city backed off the noise ordinance because somebody brought it to the attention of city council that the airport is in the city limits.

Also, they would have to forbid the cops, fire companies and ambulances from using their sirens as they definitely exceed 89 decibels!

We talked to many who say they were stopped for not wearing a helmet in the city limits but let go with a "warning". The new ordinances did have a notably chilling effect on the already suffering local economy though, and to be quite just wasn't the same without the constant parade of bikes up and down ocean blvd.

Our first night in town, we were approached by someone in a grocery store who asked if we were out of towners here for the rally. He thanked us for coming in spite of the new laws and proceeded to inform us of how 100 people caused this to happen in spite of the overwhelming majority of business owners who were not in favor of the changes

We encountered this same sentiment EVERYWHERE we did business. The waitress's and restaurant owners within the city limits are being devastated. Places where you'd normally have to wait for a seat to eat breakfast had 4 or five tables with customers. It was a pitiful site....especially given the fact that times are already tough for these people.

I fully expect there to be a new mayor elected by this time next year and hopefully things will return to normal. Overall we had a nice vacation, but if things don't change back to the way they were........we wont be making the 12 hour pilgrimage to SC anytime in the future!